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The Community Council  manages two allotment sites at Cefn Road and Bethesda Place.

If you would like to go on the waiting list please email Tracey Carter at rogerstonecc@gmail.com.

Plot price is currently £2.30 per perch  per annum (plots are between 3-5 perch) from the 1st of April 2017.

Allotments – Cefn Road

Following a number of complaints regarding dog excrement and damaged plants at the Cefn Road allotments, all residents adjacent to the allotments have been contacted to remind them not to allow dogs on the allotments at any time. The allotment site is for allotment tenants only, for the purpose of cultivation of crops.

The Council provides a large open space in the area for leisure purposes and this can be accessed without going through the tenant’s allotment site.

Allotment Rules & Regulations

  • Allotments will only be let to residents residing in Rogerstone.
    Tenants who do not reside in Rogerstone currently renting plots will not be required to relinquish their tenancy. No one will be required to give up their plot if they do not reside in Rogerstone, the Council will work towards a fairer policy on an evolutionary process.
  •  A maximum of two allotments per person/household will be let.
    Tenants who currently rent more than two plots per person/household will not be required to relinquish their tenancy. No one will be required to give up their plots if they currently have more than the maximum, the Council will work towards a fairer policy on an evolutionary process.
  • Plots must be cultivated in accordance with the tenancy agreement.
  • Allotments will be inspected by the Council’s staff annually (June) and the status will be reported at the July meeting of Rogerstone Community Council.
  • Allotments will be inspected annually (September) by the Council’s Environment Committee.
  • Rent is payable by tenants before the 1st of April; those failing to pay will be reported to the April meeting of Rogerstone Community Council.
  • Persons requesting to be added to the waiting list shall receive acknowledgment within 14 days.
  • Residents on the waiting list shall be advised of their position during May.


Rogerstone Community Council promote the way trees enhance our natural environment and will not routinely take down trees unless there is an overriding health and safety reason.

Any requests to take down or lop trees will always be reported to members to consider any special circumstances.


Following the removal of dangerous and potentially dangerous trees at the Welfare Grounds, the Community Council are considering a replanting schedule to try to restore the natural environment. A linear orchard is planned in front of the wall separating the Welfare Grounds and Jubilee Park.

The Community Council regret having to remove the existing trees, which were necessary to comply with Health & Safety requirements, but would like to thank users of the Welfare Grounds for their patience whilst the most appropriate restoration scheme is developed.

Rogerstone Welfare Grounds
Rogerstone Welfare Grounds Cricket


The Community Council controls the Welfare Grounds at Tregwilym Road, which comprises: a community hall with meeting and changing rooms, a children’s playground, trim trail, two full size football pitches, one junior size football pitch, two mini football pitches (seasonal), one grass cricket pitch, one new artificial cricket wicket, two tennis courts (open March – October), riverside walks, a pond and nature areas.
Smoking is not permitted in the children’s play areas, tennis courts or any building (including the toilets).
The Welfare Grounds are open early morning until dusk; vehicles should be removed five minutes before closing time to avoid being locked in overnight. SEE WARDENS HUT FOR CLOSING TIMES.
During the summer months, Grounds Staff work in the vicinity during the week from approx. 8am – 4.30pm Monday – Thursday (excluding bank holidays) and 8am – 4pm Fridays; the Community Council employs a warden (based in the hut outside Tydu Community Hall) from 4.30pm Monday – Thursday, 4pm Friday,  and 1pm weekends, until the Grounds are closed. The public toilets are situated adjacent to the cricket pavilion and are only open when grounds staff and wardens are on duty. During the autumn/winter months Grounds Staff finish one hour earlier during the week and Wardens are available on weekend afternoons (from 1pm) only.
CCTV cameras operate in the Grounds 24hrs a day 7 days a week.
Dogs must be kept under strict control at all times.
Dogs must be kept on a lead in all areas of the grounds with the exception of the designated area on the far side of the pond.
Dogs are not permitted to enter the children’s play area at any time.
Dog excrement is a health hazard and must be picked up and disposed of responsibly by the owner, without exception.

Adult Sports Pitches & Changing Facilities
Football £ 8.10
Changing facilities £15.50
Grass wicket £15.50
Artificial wicket £15.50
Children’s Sports Pitches (includes changing facilities if required)
Football £ 7.25
Artificial wicket £ 7.25



High Cross Open Space, Off High Cross Road, Rogerstone, Newport NP10 9AD

High Cross Open Space

High Cross Open Space
High Cross Open Space


Mount Pleasant Open Space, Off Taliesin Close, Rogerstone, Newport NP10 0DB

Mount Pleasant Open Space
Mount Pleasant Open Space
Mount Pleasant Open Space