Annual Maintenance Charges

Maintenance Fee 

The maintenance fee is only for the un-adopted areas highlighted on the plan below, and does not cover areas on Jubilee Park that will be/or have been adopted by Newport City Council, such as roads, street lighting and pavements etc. Areas which have not been adopted by Newport City Council yet, remain the responsibility of the developer until finalised.



The annual maintenance charge is payable by all property owners without exception (see deeds on completion).

The maintenance fee is contractually linked to RPI annually, however, because the cost of living is running so high, the Directors have agreed for the increase to be based on CPI this year, which is at a lower percentage than RPI. The increase in fees is therefore 9.2% for 2023-2024, £248.50. This will revert to the contractual RPI increase next year (24/25)

Bills will be delivered by staff or emailed to properties the end of March- mid April, instalment options will be provided - bank transfer/standing order only 30.4.23-30.1.24.

Property owners must have all outstanding maintenance fees paid in full (see invoices/ reminders/ final reminders for details); arrears cannot be carried forward to the next financial year.  If payment arrangements have not been made (as detailed in correspondence), to clear the sum owing in full, outstanding debts will be/have been forwarded to Primrose Collections, which will incur additional charges to the property owner as well as charges outlined in the deed.

Owners selling their property will need to ensure the maintenance fee has been paid without exception. The solicitors acting for the management company in the preparation of the deed of covenant (required for each new owner of a property in Jubilee Park) are Robertsons – Tom Sidford -

The maintenance charge for:- 2017-2018 £200, 2018-2019  £205, 2019-2020  £210.12, 2020-2021  £215.58, 2021-2022  £218.81, 2022-2023  £227.56

An annual report detailing income & expenditure is provided following each financial year end, the date for filing accounts is the end of December, please visit Companies House if you wish to verify this information. The accounts for 2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/2020, 2020/2021, 2021/2022 - have been filed, see finance tab on the Jubilee Park page.


The company do not provide a management pack or fill in any forms for house sales. All information available is on the Jubilee Park pages of this website.


Insurance - the areas, highlighted in the plan only, are covered by public liability insurance (Rogerstone Community Council's annual policy).

Policy No: LCO00122  Period of Insurance, Effective dates From: 01 June 2022 To: 31 May 2023 BHIB Limited AGM House, Leicester, LE19 1SJ