Welcome to Rogerstone Community Council

For over one hundred years such a Parish or Community Council has existed in the area to manage and control the 80 or so acres of land and facilities donated to the village in the form of land, by a former Lord Tredegar. Residents of Rogerstone have consistently chosen not to pass these facilities to any other authority and therefore require the Community Council to manage them on their behalf. A local precept is levied for these services as Newport City Council will not provide any financial support for these facilities.

The precept is determined annually by the Community Council who are answerable to local residents, but without this precept the facilities & services could not be provided. No other Community Council in the City of Newport owns land, employs staff, or controls local services in the way that Rogerstone has chosen to do, hence the unique situation in this area.


Latest News


Published: 16 May 22

Water pipe repairs on the entrance/exit driveway have begun, which may cause some disruption to traffic/pedestrians entering/leaving the grounds. Water may also be turned off intermittently. Read More...


Published: 5 Apr 22

Tennis courts now open for the season at the Welfare Grounds. Click above for details. Read More...


Published: 30 Mar 22

Tydu Community Hall is open for regular and occasional organised group bookings (meetings, children's parties etc.). Click above for more information. Read More...