Rogerstone & Bassaleg Burial Board


(Administered by a Joint Committee of Rogerstone and Graig Community Councils)

Tydu Community Hall, Welfare Ground, Tregwilym Road, Rogerstone, Newport NP10 9EQ

Clerk: Colin Atyeo E-Mail:   Tel: 07942678755

Exclusive Right of Burial Titles

Please could any owners of Exclusive Right Of Burial (or their successors) please ensure that the Clerk to the Joint Burial Board is updated on any change to the contact information which is held by the Burial Board.

The contact details are as above.

Kind regards,

Colin Atyeo

Clerk to the Joint Burial Board 


                                                                              CEMETERY IMPROVEMENT WORKS

 The Burial Board have appointed contractors to carry out improvement works to the cemetery which will comprise clearing vegetation to the rear of the cemetery to move the fence line back as well as taking up a section of roadway to the rear which will create additional burial spaces, which will hopefully improve drainage to this area of the cemetery.

It is anticipated that this work will be carried out in two phases with the fence line and clearance works anticipated October / November 2023 and road removal during February / March 2024.

To facilitate this some benches will have to temporarily be moved & the working area fenced off.

We will of course try to minimise any disruption or inconvenience during the works and would be grateful for your patience during these times.

Colin Atyeo

Clerk to the Burial Board








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