Jubilee Park

Flood Defence Wall

The flood defence wall at Jubilee Park was last inspected October 2020 &  the next inspection will be approx 5 yrs from then, or following a significant event. The inspection was carried out following the storm and that there were no structural concerns raised


The flood defence wall has been constructed in accordance with the drawings and specification for which Walters have detail planning permission from Newport Council. Natural Resources for Wales (NRW) have also approved the design and construction of the flood wall.

In the design and construction of the wall, the ground levels both behind and in front of the wall were reduced to prevent access to top of the wall.

As an extra security measure, over and above what has been indicated on the approved drawings, close to the new footbridge (leading to the existing river foot bridge) Walters at their own initiative and at additional cost have erected fencing on the top of a section of the wall. This is to further prevent public access to the top of the wall. On top of this, the Community Council will consider planting suitable shrubs/ bushes, which will act as a deterrent once the Linear Park is fully handed over, subject of course to any planning implications from the approved landscaping design

Despite the above, it appears that children are still accessing onto the top of the wall. This is unfortunate and no doubt may continue unless the top of the wall is totally fenced off with a security fence which itself would also be dangerous if access to the top of the wall is attempted, and could make the Jubilee Park development look industrialized. For this there would need to be a planning application, with its due process including public consultation etc.
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Owners selling their property will need to ensure the maintenance fee has been paid without exception. The solicitors acting for the management company in the preparation of the deed of covenant (required for each new owner of a property in Jubilee Park) are Robertsons – Tom Sidford - T.Sidford@robsols.co.uk
The areas managed by Jubilee Park (Rogerstone) Management Company Limited are shown in red with an inverted T on the plan above.