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About the Community Council

For over one hundred years such a Parish or Community Council has existed in the area to manage and control the 80 or so acres of land and facilities donated to the village in the form of land, by a former Lord Tredegar. Residents of Rogerstone have consistently chosen not to pass these facilities to any other authority and therefore require the Community Council to manage them on their behalf. A local precept is levied and is further supported by a contribution from Newport City Council.

The Community Council, which meets monthly, is led by fifteen local Community Councillors (receiving no salary or expenses), serving three wards. The staff of the Council at present comprises of two full time employees, four part time employees and up to five part time seasonal employees. The Council controls the Welfare Grounds at Tregwilym Road, which comprises: a community hall with meeting and changing rooms, a children’s playground, trim trail, two full size football pitches, one grass cricket pitch, one artificial cricket wicket (new), two tennis courts, riverside walks, a pond and nature areas. Other open spaces are at High Cross, Cefn Wood (including woodland area), and Mount Pleasant. There are two allotment sites at Bethesda Place and Cefn Road. All of these facilities have to be serviced and maintained and are available to all residents in the area. Financial assistance is provided to local Sports Teams, Playgroups, Senior Citizens and Arts Groups.

Community (or former Parish) Councils are usually formed in rural areas, e.g. Graig (Bassaleg & Rhiwderin), Penhow, Marshfield etc. and do not exist in urban areas, e.g. Lliswerry, St Woolos etc.

The precept is determined annually by the Community Council who are answerable to local residents. No other Council has any influence in respect of the precept. No other Community Council in the City of Newport owns land, employs staff, or controls local services in the way that Rogerstone has chosen to do, hence the unique situation in this area.

The Welfare Grounds provide excellent standards of facilities for all residents, with the open spaces provided for all to enjoy. Local groups and organisations acknowledge the support for both practical and financial given to them by the Community Council.

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The Community Council usually meet the first Wednesday in the month (excluding August) at 7pm, in the Council Chambers, Tydu Community Hall, Welfare Grounds, Tregwilym Road, Rogerstone, Newport, NP10 9EQ. The next meeting is on the 3rd January 2018 at 7pm. (See 'Notices' for Agenda, which will be available when finalised).

Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe proceedings (provided numbers do not exceed room capacity), but are not permitted to take part in the meeting, however, members of the public have the right to speak at a 15 minute question and answer session at the start of each Community Council meeting. Questions must be submitted to the Clerk to the Council in writing, 7 days in advance of the meeting. Answers will be provided by the Clerk to the Council unless otherwise directed by the Chairman of the Council.

Written correspondence for the attention of Rogerstone Community Council should be addressed to the Clerk to the Council, Tydu Community Hall, Welfare Grounds, Tregwilym Road, Rogerstone, Newport, NP10 9EQ. Enquiries / complaints / requests can be made any time by telephoning 01633 546696 or emailing:-

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Rogerstone Community Council would like to invite proposals/bids to operate an annual tenancy of the former sports attendants/golf hut adjacent to the tennis courts to provide a cafe type facility for users of the Welfare Grounds (all equipment etc. to be provided by the tenant). The opening hours will be dovetailed into that of the Welfare Grounds and the Community Council will consider any innovative proposals put forward. The annual tenancy may be renewable each year, up to a maximum period of three years if required. Any enquiries in relation to the opportunity should be made to the Clerk to the Council and the golf hut can be viewed by prior arrangement from the 1st of November 2017 onward by contacting the Head Groundsman (01633) 546696. The closing date for submissions is 31st January 2018. Clerk to the Council Rogerstone Community Council Tydu Community Hall Welfare Grounds Tregwilym Road Newport NP10 9EQ


Rogerstone Community Council are pleased that the steps from Thornhill Gardens to Afon Village have now been improved with funds from the Citizens Panel and that Newport City Council have adopted the area and are now responsible for maintenance.

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Rogerstone Community Council has set up a fund to implement projects within the Rogerstone area, which will benefit the area and residents. A Community Representatives Panel comprising volunteers from the community has been set up to take charge of the process and to put forward projects and ideas. Please get in touch… The Panel are actively canvassing the views from members of the community with ideas of schemes that would be of benefit to the area. If you have any ideas or want to become involved, please get in touch by writing or emailing:-

Colin Atyeo
Clerk to the Council
Tydu Community Hall
Welfare Grounds, Tregwilym Road
Rogerstone NP10 9EQ

Tel: 01633 546696


Rogerstone Community Council has registered the Welfare Grounds, High Cross Open Space, and Mount Pleasant Open Space in the QUEEN ELIZABETH II FIELDS CHALLENGE scheme. This will reiterate and reinforce the Council’s commitment to protect and enhance its areas of Public Open Space. The Council already has covenants in place to protect these valuable community assets, however registration should help raise awareness of the importance of such facilities for both physical activity and relaxation.